Welcome To the 2018 
Hello Comic Book and Culture Fans!
We are proud to invite you to our big Summer Party,The 2018 VERSUS COMIC CON,
brought to you by VERSUS COMICS at the SEASIDE CONVENTION CENTER, in Seaside OR.
JULY 21st and 22nd
That's Right! We're the Con on The Coast!

We are going to turn the Seaside Convetion Center into a nerd culture emporium with:

As many as one hundred marketplace vendors with all kinds of gear for you to enhance your collections and TONS of Comics. 
Comic book artists, indiependent and self-published artist, 3dimensional artists, pancake artists, and all types of artist in Artist Alley.
We'll have guest celebrities, musicians, a live rock show, autographs and meet and greets. 

Cosplay Models, Cosplay stylists, Cosplay Contests and all kinds of Cosplay stuff in the Cosplay Aisleway, and we're doing Cosplay beach photos!

That's not all!

and our first hour of the event is Quiet hour
for our VIP and Special Needs Attendees.  

We want everyone to come join in all the fun!

But it's not just all for the kids, after 7 we're going to shut down the doors, and begin our invasion of the Seaside City Streets as we take our (of age) guests on:

The Cosplay Pub Crawl

Where will we make our way around town until eventually meeting up with our very special friend, and the guy behind the Rocking Keys of Versus Comics, gifted pianist and entertainer, Dan Frost!
As he heads up our guest list below. 
We are Excited to Bring to You These Awesome Guests!
Film/Voice Actors
Samantha Ireland is an award-winning actress as well as a writer, director, and producer from Austin, Texas. Since 2011 Samantha has worked on several projects ranging from films, sketch comedy, web series, and video games.

She is most known for her work with Rooster Teeth Productions​ voicing such characters as 'Nora Valkyrie' from RWBY, 'The Flower Scouts' from CAMP CAMP and 'C.T.' from Red Vs. Blue!

We will release the identity of this great guest soon!

We will release the identity of this great guest soon!

Comic Illustrators and Artists
Adrian Ropp is a comic book
writer/artist, story artist,
and animation director
who has specialized in bringing
to life new adventures with
beloved franchises.

Among others, he’s created
stories and animation for
 "Monsters U", "Cars",
 "Guardians of the Galaxy",
 "The Avengers", "Mickey Mouse"
 and "Star Wars".

 Among other credits, Adrian
 served as story lead for the
 hit video game franchise,
 "Disney Infinity". 

Jeremy Clark worked on various
comic projects for multiple publishers in the last few years, including cover work for:
 Zenescope Entertainment,
 Coffin Comics,
 Source Point Press,
 Caliber Comics,
 Counterpoint Comics, etc.  
Some of his published credits include:
“Lady Death:
 Merciless Onslaught,
 Apocalyptic Abyss,”
“Grimm Fairy Tales:
Legacy,Apocalypse,Genesis Heroes Reborn,”
 “Notti & Nyce,”
 “Franklin and Ghost:
 No Fox Given,”
 and many more. 
We will release the identity of this great guest soon!

Musical Entertainment
That's Right, our man Dan Frost is bringing his Dirty Boogie Blues back to the West Coast to Rock the House for us!  

Right now, You will find his fast fingers at work for the Nashville Burlesque Show in his new home in Tennessee, but Dan has been playing his Rock and Roll anthems on a flame crested eletrcic piano in cities from coast to coast since his journey across America started in San Diego, California years ago.

Takohachi was founded in 2007 as a non profit organization to preserve DENTOU GEINOU or Traditional Japanese Music and Dance. Takohachi seeks to educate and entertain as we perform throughout the Portland area at schools, festivals and cultural events.

Their repertoire includes songs in the modern Kumi Daiko style, popular amongst Taiko troupes in the US, as well as many songs in the traditional Dentou Geinou style of ancient Japan. This strong presence of traditional style Taiko is what makes Takohachi so unique amongst American Taiko troupes.
We will release the identity of this great guest soon!

Cosplay Artists, Groups and Designers

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Versus Comics is always looking for Volunteers that are willing to lend a hand in making the experience great, and that being said, we are taking applications for Volunteers to help with aiding our guests and setting up the event. 

It's not a paying gig, per say, but you will be able to attend the Convention with full VIP access.
Only a limited amount of applications will be accepted.
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